Fun Woman Sex Mother

An Attitude of Gratitude is essential for the Goddess Self Respect Project.

About FWSM

Hello, I’ve just started here (late April 2013) and it may take me a while to warm up. So please stay in touch.

FunWomanSexMother is about new paradigm living.

Here I wish to share with you – that in itself is my passion. I intend this blog to on a number of topics and hope to find a killer theme. Slowly slowly …

So this is a hobby where my other hobbies may collide. I am, after all, I hobby scientist, nutritionist, cook, architect, designer, alchemist, tarot reader, psychologist, motivational speaker, medicine woman, counsellor, personal mentor, intuitive, writer, sex surrogate, dating coach, artist, astrologer, DJ, helicopter pilot  and mother (actually Im an actual mother and a professional couple of the other things mentioned.  And a couple are just downright made up! You can guess which.)

Some of the directions I intend to take are:

  • Creating healthy delicious food. Raw and Cooked.
  • Sharing what’s happening in contemporary nutrition, culture, design;
  • Looking at Innovative design that improves the world;
  • Facilitating dialogue on personal issues – “A story shared is a story compared”*; and
  • Discussing Right Relating – the fabric of life;
  • And Parenting…let’s talk about the crucial role of raising good humans.

It is not my intention to create a ‘How To’ pedagogical blog site. I can already tell, my readers are my peers. If my thought or feeling processes inspire my readers to share or to reflect deeper, or provides flashes of clarity…well I’ll be very happy! But I am  content to simply be here. So thank you.

I recognise the influences of my fellow beings and especially the deep and profound influences of all the fantastic people I share with in my personal life. So thank you. Also I wish to apologise now for when I can not find the author and artists of the images I use so that I may cite them for their work.

Please stay tuned.

Naked and transparent


Fun Woman   xx

*quote BabyfacedAssasin

Reach out to me here:

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