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Everyday Food: Anytime Whole Food Cookies. Takes about 5 minutes to prepare.

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Im feeling benevolent.  Here’s my really simple recipe for whole food cookies.  They are tasty, real quick to prep and bake and are totally healthy.



Fun Woman’s Anytime Whole Food Cookies.

2 Organic Bananas (use mashed apple or pear instead – but not too wet)
2/3 cup of dry ingredients, such as grounds Oats, (I grind mine in a coffee grinder), I may fill a 2/3 cup with a mix of ground oats, ground coconut, ground flax, psyllium, or almond meal
Optional: 3 mashed medjool dates for sweetness (soak em til they become soft, then mash em up and add)
1/2 cup Currents or/and some crushed nuts and/or seeds
Add about 1 tsp Spices (ground cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg for example)
Add a smile from your heart (awww…goodness). If you can’t manage that, add a smirk from your smugness that you’re making badass healthy cookies).

Mash banana, add oatmeal/dry stuff and mix. Add the fruit, nuts and spices and mix. When you are adding your ingredients, you want a mix that is not wet and sloppy. It doesn’t have to be stiff either.

Cook in oven 150C degrees (300F) for 15-18 mins. If you’re a raw foodie, dehydrate them instead.

Let em cool a bit (they firm up).  Eat em, or store em – they last better in the fridge…but let’s face it, they won’t last.

Makes around 6 cookies.

Make different combo’s.

Substitute the banana with mashed, cooked pear or apples.

I’ve done:
Banana, coconut and cinnamon,
Pear and Ginger
Apple, Date and spices
Nuts and Sultana


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