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Chocolate: Raw and Warm


Chocolate:  Raw; Hot

Good and warm hellos.
Welcome to Fun Woman Sex Mother. First, I have for you my simple hot chocolate recipe.

Treated right, it is technically a ‘raw food’ hot chocolate.

But hey, the only technicality I’m concerned with here

is that this baby is hot and good and edifying yo!

Please make yourself one of these and sit down with me.

So glad you’re here.


Fun Woman


Shave off 1 tsp Cacoa butter with a knife,add a splash of hot water from the kettle. Add 2 heaped tsp Cacoa powder and 1 tsp of Agave nectar (or maple syrup, coconut sugar, honey or any kind of quality organic sugar really but agave gives a silkiness) Omit agave and use stevia for candida diet. Warm 3/4 cup of milk ( or use soy, rice, almond, oat…etc) – I personally froth mine using the coffee machine. Add it to the Cacao mixture. Stir and …oh yeh…  

Spicy Variations can include a 1/2 tsp cinnamon, a pinch of freshly grated nutmeg, and a pinch of cardamon.

Chili hot chocolate: Add enough cayenne pepper so that when you taste it, you don’t get the hit of chili at first, but in the back of the throat after you’ve swallowed. Trust me…you’ll see. 

cacao pod

Notes on Ingredients: Cacao butter and powder are simply the parts of the cacao bean. The cacao bean has historically been processed (roasted, dried and to some extent de-natured) to become cocoa and chocolate.  There are many now who acknowledge this little bean to be a mighty ‘superfood’ . To learn more about Cacao check this out.  If you do not have an awesome wholefood place around that sells these products, contact or source your own. Same with Agave. If you havent played with these ingredients before, you will not beleive the taste difference and the mouth feel. It’s ecstatic.

Now really, you can substitute the ingredients for stuff you can get at the stupormarket, but now, just dont do it! You wanna know the difference between the chocolate cake your amazing aunty made and the one at [insert generic bakery chain]? Your aunty uses fresh stone ground, unbleached flour, quality cacao (or cocoa) and chocolate, freshly ground spices, fresh organic, free range eggs (from her chooks) and Fresh Milk and butter; organic and free of hormones and pus! (There I said it.)  Hey…do you need that chocolate cake recipe? Gimme a yell.


Technicalities: if kept under 40 degrees celcius this is considered enzyme intact. 

5 thoughts on “Chocolate: Raw and Warm

  1. Awesome, I wish the shops weren’t shut, fantastic start, I heard today you crave chocolate before getting your period because you lack iron…got any insight into that? Thanks in advance for your response.

  2. Hi Josie, nice to see you here.
    Im not sure about iron. You can google that one!
    Hey, I’m no scientist but the general idea out there from the pop-nutritionists is all about ‘chocolate makes thy happy’. But why do we crave extra ‘happiness’ around our moon time? Is it just because of the physical heaviness and (possible) physical pain?

    I have decided to make this my next article. Due in a few days.
    So thank you sweet Josie: For your inspiration.

    In Kindness, 😉
    Fun Woman.

  3. I recon that when we are pre-menstrual, our actual feelings and mood are simply magnified.. So for me, sometimes I crave chocolate, sometimes food in general, sometimes quiet, sometimes nothing. I reckon chocolate is a common one cos it releases endorphins, like you say fun woman, it makes us ‘happy’ If we are having that craving at period time, its probably becuase we aren’t making enough of a priority to happy stuff during our everyday life preceding that month.. thats what I reckon.

  4. Thank you for sharing FWSM 🙂 and THANK YOU for your invitation to enjoy your fine recipe and I am moved to share my experience too. I choose to eat cacao and agave because I value the nutritional impacts on my mind, body and spirit, plus I value the ethics of supporting the whole foods industry. By purchasing and consuming these foods I experience a sense of integrity, self love, empowerment and celebration! FWSM and other bloggers, I’m interested to hear about what you get from making/drinking/purchasing raw food hot choc… are you celebrating life also?

    • Hello Ms Wak Mak!

      You’re welcome. Enjoy it.

      Yes! Choosing wholefoods, ethically produced that are super good for our bodies is so liberating!
      It is a luxury worthy of the gratitude you express.

      And these choices inform consumer demand and, one grain at a time, make change. I mean I remember being a vegetarian in Australia in the 90s. Oh my gawd. What a hassle! Oh the horror on the face of a host when you mentioned the V-word. Or the look of confusion or disdain from the bakery wench.

      And now look! Vegetarian options everywhere. It was slow but it happened.
      The same will happen for raw food, GM-free, and wholefoods I reckon. But for socks with thongs* as I may have once predicted whilst drunk.


      *That’s flip flops north hemisphere people! Ewww!

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